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SCIENCE Pick Up Lines

According to Heisenberg's Uncertanty Principle of QM, we way allready be in love right now.

Honey, your sweater than 3.14

I'm not being obtuse, but your acute girl.

"I wish I were a derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves."

Why don't we measure the coefficient of static friction between you and me?

You're sweeter than glucose.

You and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.

How about you and I go back to my place and form a covalent bond?

Wanna come back to my room and see my 230 MHz Pentium?

Let's convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.

My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing.

Since distance equals velocity times time, let's let velocity and time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.

Wanna see the programs in my HP-48 calculator?

You fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

I won't stop bugging you until I get the address of your home page.

Your body has the nicest arc length I've ever seen.

You're hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power!

Excuse me, why is your drink glowing?

I think of you as the irresistible force and me the unstoppable motion.

What's that smell?

Didn't I see you at the last Star Trek convention?

Wanna be my lab buddy?

Hey baby, what's your log-in name?

Would you like to stop by my place and do some forecasting?

Usually one needs a cooling fan for such a hot processor.

What's the password to your heart?

See this, it's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine.

Vrroom vroom.

You don't have AIDS, do you? No? Good! I wouldn't want to catch THAT

Wanna swim upstream and spawn?

Did you know my mouth can generate over 400 PSI??

You're so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear.

I like every bone in your body, especially mine.

I like every bone in my body, especially yours

I'd like to see the way your hair shines by the light of the monitor.

Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.

Wanna see my appendix scar ?

Your eyes are like limpid pools of primeval ooze — and I'm the aeomeba who longs to swim in their depths.

Ok, so you like Mac and I like a PC. Just because our computers are incompatible, doesn't mean we are.

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